Services list:

  • Hydrogeologic assessments, groundwater modeling and remediation;
  • Contaminated aquifers with DNAPL, Solvents or LNAPL free-product;
  • Groundwater contamination in fractured, anisotropic bedrock;
  • Groundwater modeling: MODFLOW, FEMWATER, GMS, visualization, transport, expert reporting;
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web-based data presentation;
  • Brownfield Redevelopment – especially the assessment of environmental liabilities associated with land ownership or leasing;
  • Waste characterization and disposal options, including cost reduction and waste broker selection;
  • Contaminant identification, investigation, and remedial options development;
  • Water-well yield assessment, yield improvement, and new well locating;
  • Water quality, evaluations, and support for water treatment engineering evaluations;
  • Natural river channel assessments and design;
  • Pipeline assessment and leak evaluations;
  • Litigation support and expert testimony.

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